Employment FAQ

Below are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Do I have to have experience to work at Blueline Laundry?

A. No, Blueline Laundry employs people with disabilties who have worked before and those who have not as well.

Q. There are some jobs that I wouldn't be able to do with my disability, does that matter?

A. Blueline Laundry will meet you and assess what you can do, teach you how to do the job and provide help to do the job as well.

Q. How much will I be paid to work at the Blueline laundry?

A. As an Australian Disability Enterpise you will recieve an award based wage. When you start a wage assessment will be done to advise how much you will be paid.

Q. What else can I expect when working at Blueline Laundry?

A. Working at Blueline will be real work. You will recieve training, you will be paid a wage, you will learn new skills. You'll also make new friends and enjoy social activties within the community.




Contact Us for Employment

Please contact Blueline Laundry for further information regarding our supported program, induction visits, work experience or any aspect of our commercial laundry business.

Ron DiFelice (Hobart)
Email: r.difelice@blueline-laundry.com
Phone: 03 6278 8299

Grant Coker-Williams (Launceston)
Email: g.coker-williams@blueline-laundry.com
Phone: 03 6344 5822