To ensure that BlueLine meets our strict quality assurance guidelines and also meet future laundry needs BlueLine has invested heavily in our plant and equipment in recent years. Some of the notable pieces of equipment that we have purchased including the following equipment sourced from Germany, Denmark and America:

A Jensen three Station sheet feeder capable of high-speed sheet feeding into a roller ironer.
A Jensen towel folder capable of folding and stacking towels at a fast rate.
Colmac Tunnel finisher able to process industrial garments with a steam finished presentation.
A Jensen Classic S. sheet-folder which ensures that sheets and folded automatically and correctly each time.
A Jensen Butterfly Duo towel folder capable of stacking towels and software also uniforms a fast rate.
A new Milnor 125 kg washer extractor that has a high-speed extract cycle to ensure that Linen retains less moisture once cleaned hence less time in the dryer reducing energy consumption.
In 2006 a new Jensen P50 13 module Continuous Batch Washer was installed this washing machine is capable of processing linen in a fast rate, and also reuses water from a number of the compartments to ensure that will use less water over all. In addition, it has a programmable press that varies the pressure to suit the linen it is processing. BlueLine Laundry has gas dryers that have reduced our drying time dramatically, further reducing our energy consumption. An energy reuse system also been installed above the dryers to capture and reuse the heat energy. The dryers utilises vacuum system to reduce manual handling when loading the dryers.
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